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It's been a while

2014-10-15 00:33:24 by Powerfull

I'm getting real close to having an audio dump! Lots of improvements have been made, I'm super happy :D

So bored

2011-02-18 23:55:07 by Powerfull

I don't know what to dooooooooooooo. bauid;sfia;oihf;oweihg;o Maybe draw. Or play a game. Or work on music. H:Soih:GHIEWOJFIEWO:J :OSKJ:GD Yessssssssssssssssss

There we go! I managed to shrink the file size down so small, it loads really quickly now! Here's the link, if you're lazy:
Pokemon -- Flash Version

:) Hope you enjoy!

Pokemon -- Flash Version (On Newgrounds)

Pokemon -- Flash Version

2011-02-13 16:27:35 by Powerfull

Well, I think I'm done working on my Pokemon Flash RPG Game. For the game and more details, check out my deviantArt page: okemon-Flash-Version-187617287

I wish I could upload it here, but it's twice the size of what I'm allowed to upload here. :( Enjoy!

Pokemon -- Flash Version

New Mic

2011-01-23 12:07:42 by Powerfull

I'm really enjoying the new mic I got for my early b-day present! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute more songs with vocals to NG, and hopefully I'll get better at singing! Haha. Any tips on singing or music would be appreciated!

Pokemon Flash Game Requests

2010-07-22 23:15:32 by Powerfull

Hey everyone. I'm working on a Pokemon flash game right now and need a litle help. Here's a version I uploaded a while ago:

I've made many improvements since then and added a lot to it. A LOT of work still needs to be done (you don't need to remind me), but I have a few questions that I'd like answered so I have an idea of what to work on next:

1) What should be the next Pokemon I add?

2) What features would you like to see added (even if it's for the rpg part of the game and not the battle part)?

3) If anybody is interested in helping me out (with graphics, coding, or testing), please let me know (via PM or just a comment, which ever).

Also, if you have any comments to make, feel free to make it.

Thank you!