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Sapphire Soul Sapphire Soul

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great, but one suggestion.

Seeing as you want some criticism, I'll be willing to give a little, although I rarely do it (and am probably bad at it haha).

I love the feeling of the song! I really like the main theme/ melody throughout the song (mainly the beginning and end. I like the middle, too, but my favorite parts are the beginning and end). I like the drums throughout this (especially 0:30 - 0:36), I think they're awesome. (I wish I could make drum parts like that. I have like.. no experience with the drums. Piano player here.)

One thing, though, is keeping me from giving this a 10/10 (and 5/5). In my opinion, I feel like the song ends too abruptly. I love the feeling of the song, so maybe adding more to it or another section would work nicely. Or possibly adding more of a dramatic ending. But that's just my opinion; I would understand if somebody disagrees with me.

Overall, I really like the song. Great job, and keep up with the good work! (I have FL 9, too. Hopefully I could learn to make drum parts like that someday haha.)
Thanks for sharing this song! Time to download.

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Naoki-Reisen responds:

That kind of drum style is just easy, actually. I can send an FL file to you with a sample of that or exactly that part from Sapphire Soul.
Or try to develop your own drum style; that's much easier, in my opinion.