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Recordshop Tycoon Recordshop Tycoon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun, addicting game! Couple bugs, though.

At first, I didn't expect much from this game. But as I kept playing, I got more and more addicted. It was very fun and challenging at first. I played for 100 days in the game and had lots of fun. Aside from that, I found a couple glitches/ bugs. I'm not sure if they were mentioned before, but here's what I found:

"Footprint" glitch:
When in Build Mode, if you buy a CD-Rack (not sure if it happens with any other object), place it somewhere, then move it to another location, the footprints will still be where they were originally. This kept me from placing other objects on top of the footprints later on when there wasn't a CD-Rack for the people to access. This also allowed people to search for CD's in an invisible CD-Rack. (They would also occasionally stop where those footprints were as if buying a CD. Sometimes they walked past them, other times they would look for CD's).

People walk through objects:
I only saw this glitch happen once or twice. People walked through CD-Racks (and maybe some other objects) when they were walking to the register.

Day 100:
When you reach day 100 and scroll over the clock in the office with the mouse cursor, it does not say the number of the day anymore. It says "day: ".

Shop Popularity bar glitch:
Inside the "Marketing Manager '10", the Shop Popularity says it goes from 0 to 100. However, I reached 100% and the bar is not 100% filled. It looks like it only goes up to about 85% (even though that's 100%. The bar just does not fill all the way).

Buying -- "Number of CD's":
When you're buying CD's, you can drag and slide the little marker to select how many CD's you want to purchase. Everything works correctly, but the number at the bottom-left (which is supposed to show how many CD's are being purchased) stays at 0 (zero). The number changes correctly when you're selling CD's, but not when you're purchasing CD's.

Buying -- "CD Cost = CD Worth":
When you're buying CD's then scroll over to the Selling CD's area, you can drag marker to choose how many CD's you want to sell. This works perfectly, but once you click on one of the markers (or bars or the Sell button) for selling CD's, then scroll back over to the Buying CD's area, the "CD Cost" number is now halved and equals the "CD Worth" number. If you click on one of the markers (or bars or Buy button) for Buying CD's, the number will fix itself. It does not let you buy CD's for half the price, it just halves the number.

Commas instead of decimal points?:
I noticed that for the money, commas are used as opposed to decimal points.
(This "bug" is different for the Buying Total and the Selling Total. I think what I'm explaining right now is the Selling Total.) So, for something like $5.50 that would be shown as "5.50", it's shown as "5,50". Whole dollar values (like $10.00) are shown as "10" instead of "10.00". Also, sometimes, numbers after the comma start to get cut off. [Example: I was selling 31 Pop CD's with a value of "6,55" and the Selling Total came out to "203,0". If I change the number of CD's to 51, then the Selling Total comes out to "334,05". It doesn't cut off the "5" in "334,05".] Should the comma be a decimal point, and are those numbers rounded up/down or are they cut off?

Stock total:
Small "bug", I think. Under the number of all the CD's you have and above "funds:" is "total:". My total is 328420, but it shows as "328 420", with a space in the middle.

Music glitch:
Click Build Mode then a song begins to play. If you click Build Mode again, the song will stop and another song will play. But if you click Build Mode, then Office, the Build Mode music will still be playing. You have to be in Build Mode and click it again to change songs. Not much of a glitch, but I noticed it.

Buy Property = Zero CD's:
If you buy a new property, then all of the CD's you had are deleted and you go back to zero. The same thing happens if you move to another property. Shouldn't you have all the CD's you bought instead of starting from none again?

Overall, the game was fun! I enjoyed it, thank you. I hope I helped a bit with my review!

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